I have this crazy test tomorrow but I figure I’ll make a living out of this bogging stuff so I wont need a job. So here are my thoughts on some of the weird things as seen by a Ugandan in Uganda.

1. the taxi with spinners on its rims. I was walking in the middle of a sweaty, day trying so desperately to find a replacement for my lost stuff and then BAM!!
right in the middle of the road is this random taxi with shiny new spinners on its wheels. It was so new it even had no plates but miraculously it was carrying passengers to a destination. My question is : If a car has no registration, it probably has no license or insurance, right? So how in the pigs of Russia do you let it on to the highway to carry pedestrians? huh?

2. The thief who stole my prize drawers…. this is still an issue for me and much as I hate to dwell on old stuff, i think this woman is somewhere having herself a good time. She must be slurping with satisfaction that she managed to pull off a feat like that. I am disappointed that she did not notice that of the two underwear she stole one was holed in the back for my days when I have gastronomic congruities to allow easy exit and the second belonged to Mark, my six foot 300 pound neighbor who had been locked out of his room by a roommate. That was how they ended up with my prizes. If she thought the goods I carry are a 20 stone size she now knows she has been screwed!!

3. Ladies who never stop trying to get you into the habit of spending on them.I am soon becoming an authority on this. Perhaps I should apply to Cambridge for a Doctorate in this field. There is a way ladies (no matter what breed or race) seem to never tire of trying to get you to mine your own pockets dry to furnish their egos. This is not even their hunger, its all about the ego. Examples you ask? Imagine you ask a lady whether you can buy her a drink, the answers are instant: no or yes. Though I often hear the latter more. Then imagine her asking you whether she can buy you a drink….
My brother stop IMAGINING!!!!

I am going to stop here and beg to continue this very soon… till then

If you thought being a man is hard trying being a young man… You don’t even have the brains to work with!

p.s By the way “Per adua ad Astra” is actually like that not the Kansas state motto.

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