Really Random Thoughts?

1.The taxi with the spinners is UAH 860- for purposes of saving the guy his skin I will not mention his last plate digit. However the most amazing thing is the phrase written at the back of his taxi “Katonda Talya Ngguzzi” which directly translates to “God does not take bribes.” hhhm… what are the powers that be up to?

2. I found it very interesting yesterday when my friend was describing a meeting with his ex and he put it in very simple terms why he did not relish the thought of meeting her again. This was after we put him to task to explain why he had not said hullo:
“What, you expected me to greet her with an orgasmic aaah!!”?

3.An American friend once told me a joke I thought was very funny. Recently I repeated this same joke to another American.She has never spoken to me again. This was the joke:
Q: Why is Ray Charles always smiling?
A: Because he does not know that he is Black.

4.Then there was the really awkward situation where I went with a friend to meet with a girl who we invited over to join us for dinner.We get to the venue, order, and wait for the food. We get our orders and start eating. Then after the meal we are discussing coffee or ice cream. The guys agree on coffee. We get to paying the bill and then we all pay our respective bills and she glances at each of us intermittently before stating in the coldest, harshest tone I ever heard a woman use:
“You guys are not serious. you are also disgusting! I hate you!!” This was after one of us said , rather casually “We are each paying our own bill”. All this aggression for a bill? The reason why some people’s reputation precedes them.

5. Then there is the sleazy journalist who never stops imitating what she sees on TV and keeps listening to BBC to download absurd stories of how a man of Caucasian extraction was caught with a lobster in his underwear. So the Japanese like fish, and the Chinese smell like it, but isn’t this too personal? I must meet her and question her as to this kind of reporting.

6. “You are stupid!”, my friend told a mutual friend last evening jokingly in reference to a mundane comment made by the latter. The guy sits for second and looks at us all in the room and in a classic retort says:
“Stupidity is also a gift from God. Do not abuse it” hhhm… The powers that be again?

Chillin’ in the city of Flavor

One thought on “Really Random Thoughts?

  1. Q: Why is Ray Charles always smiling?<>A: Because he does not know that he is Black…………..<><>then you must be really joking on that…What how can`t he know however much hes blind..


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