iN tHis rAnTinG pHasE

After such a long absense, it feels so good to be back. I was reading a couple of blogs recently and it suddenly hit me that a story can be told in a million ways.

You don’t know what am talking about?

I will ask you, have you seen the move “300”? How do we know for sure what Xerxes told the Spartan? How do we know that he was not asking for some Spartan action? you know with all those abs, who’s to say he was not?Or more realistically how did Ivan know what Kagame told M7? huh? Shady? isn’t it? Don’t ask me the connotations.

I was then even more thrilled by this guy who was at a dinner conversation with friends; actually his boss who is adorable and all…. this guy thinks he can pull a crack at his boss’ profession. So she is talking about an intervention she plans to do somewhere in the North. When she says, “we are going in to do some screening and testing for the girls”, he comes back, eyes wide open and a dry:

“Are you going in with the whole cavalry… I mean the stirrups and all?” you should have seen the face of the Mzungu boss go through the phases. By phases, I mean the whole spectrum; white, pink, red, purple, green and all the other shades! suffice to say the imp lost his job.Pronto!

And now to the present, where I hear that that Prodigal son of a University wants to cessede. I was pretty amazed at the tension that has mounted over such a small issue. what I suggest is that the the robbers( yes, robbers!) at the Main Campus should just cut funding to the ingrates, then we’ll see who is boss. But perhaps more importantly we should think about all the livelihoods that depend on the fact that this “‘university” is open. Lets start at the highest level:

  • The Vice Chancellor who has obstinately refused to relinquish his seat, sound familiar? yeah, they have been having talks on endurance and retention with the grandmaster; at the 7th level. (sorry, didn’t mean the pun)
  • Two, the cooks, students and teaching staff in that order. Think about them too! The cooks are the most efficient productive task force the the rat hole has on offer, no offense: I have seen them at work.
  • Third and most importantly, since Al Gore joined the fight for climate change; all the micro-organisms, bacteria, and infectious ilk that live here. What? Don’t they have a say in what goes on in their environment? come on!! the students wouldn’t know what hit the even if it came in a brown bag marked in bold black “IT”. so we recognize the members of society doing their fair share.

But all these are the rantings of a man once sane.

Random quiz: What is the difference between a dozen rodents and a trackfield of women athletes?

Answer: One is a set of cunning runts and the other a set of …………..

………………………………..see you soon……………………………….

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