Drawing Blanks…. or is it Shooting Blanks?

The post started as an expletive on the rationalization for masturbation as the only way forward for mankind and look where I ended up
  • “A man may be tempted by fame and and power but if you really want to test the true character of a man give him power”- a lot of it
  • The word masturbation is believed to derive from either the Greek word “mezea” (μεζεα, “penises”) or the Latin manus (“hand”) and the Latin turbare (“to disturb”) – to disturb yourself. You think you have to have power to do that? ask this guy.
  • Did you know that when you rearrange the letters in the name MONICA LEWINSKY they form NICE SILKY WOMAN?
  • I just found out that City Council paid a Chinese firm a large sum of money to supply them with bulbs for CHOGM made to last for strictly four days- any longer than that and the Chinese would have to give them (city hall) back their money. The ingenious Chinese as they are never wont to falter, stepped up to the challenge. Exactly 4 days; CHOGM was over and the lights went out. Superb!!!
  • And then she said “But you don’t love me these days…”. To which he promptly replied “Baby if you loved me half as much as you claim you do you would notice that we always paid using my credit card, we have only used yours twice”
  • * [From an older post] “You are stupid!” a friend told a another friend last evening jokingly in reference to a mundane comment made by the latter. The guy sits for second and looks at us all in the room and in a classic retort says:”Stupidity is also a gift from God. Do not abuse it” hhhm…
And That’s All We Had Time For Tonight

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