A Poetry Recital

In a packed room lit with candles and dimmed lights, the Lantern Society of Poets in their inaugural recital put on a show to remember.

The Lantern Meet which has been meeting for over a year meets fortnightly at the National Theatre To share poetry, talk and critique young poets’ work was conceived over three years ago by four students who shared a passion for poetry. Guy Mambo, Oj Raymond, Aki Brenda and yours truly. With a view to raising the bar. What bar? Well… the social bar, the literary bar, the intellectual bar… all the bars you can think of!!!

But, hush performance in progress…

Next on stage is a poem called the musician performed by Rachael, she walks down the stairs and the orange glow of the stage light flows on her body. Her voice undulates over the room, the clarity of her voice carrying the poem across the room. It is like a smooth melody, floating on a cushion of wafty notes produced by the guitarist plucking obliviously away at his guitar. The audience in the back of the room stops talking for an absolute moment. Captured. Riveted. Transposed almost. In one puissant moment, as she takes her final bow, the room explodes into applaud…

The Lantern Meet of Poets has put together an ensemble of poems from almost all walks of life, drawing deeply on human nature and the way our own humanity relates to the circumstances around us. To the intricate tapestry in which is interwoven every man’s fortune and fate. From sorrow to exhilaration, to love and loss the poems flow, exciting, scintillating. Some drawing tears from the audience, others creating a long lingering laughter.

At the end of the show, as the Lanterns bow for recognition, and they promise another exciting show over the Christmas holiday, it reminds me of that old adage ”the best things are free.” By drawing on the talents of scholars from a myriad of disciplines the lanterns have shown the true color of intellect: colorless.

The Lantern Meet is headed by Guy Mambo and the poetry recital was directed by Samantha Kachwinya.

*Disclaimer: for the more objective view of the recital I recommend you read more objective [read less informed] views but more balanced nonetheless.

8 thoughts on “A Poetry Recital

  1. Are you..er..the Collin I know?<>Never mind.<><>I wish I hadn’t logged online today.I missed the recital and I feel like,I’ve lost the very essence of living.Why did?! Damn! 😦<><>Now,if I miss the next.I swear am gonna go somewhere and hang…on a tomato plant.<><>Good post though.


  2. @ joshaukins: spot on bro, in the “fresh” colin from tha days…<><>so why didd you miss it dude? it was awesome… our net should not be too far away..december!!!<><>thanks though..


  3. Kale! Thanx for dissing me mbu simanyi I’m less informed. At least I appreciated your poetry thing. By the way, no one has answered my question on the drama with the poems. Can you do that for me?


  4. The idea was that to try and aim for something simplistic, but with verve.<><>Also since we could not accurately predict how people would project their voices the safest bet was to go with something that would carry the message even beyond the words.<><>And finally, because of the nature of our audience, we weren’t sure that by going solely with words whether that would be something we wanted to just put out to them and maybe risk that being a bit bland. hence the insertion of the little snippets of drama.


  5. @ smells: what? i do sometimes try [ and this has nothing to do say for success] to sound intelligent.. but i guess that’s something we know fades in your presence..<><>by the way i love your blog!! y’all should go read it <><>NOW!!! get off my page and go…


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