Black Monday

In life you are only allowed to make so many mistakes. Why? Coz life is not a free lunch and you are bound to have your transgressions catch up with your sins.
And when they do, you have a well deserved lashing, CB. It would not have hurt to read up a little more on the people who are in the Ugandan blogsphere. The tales of happy moments, and fears of genocide, and our inextricably tied fates as Kampalans to die of boda-boda accidents. This is the stuff of legend. All the stories the monitor does not write, or any other paper for that matter. Because those who run the papers are so cheap and uptight that they won’t include our opinions. But then again, how are you going to include anything more than rhetoric in a 28 page tabloid style paper?!

Hard Times

I am aware that striking the balance must have been hard for the C-Boyi, and sometimes the ‘intarekcho’ talk will be hard to deal with; but a slap to the UBHH was below the belt. The idea behind the UBHH [see the list] when josh and jackfruity first called for it, was for Ugandan bloggers to get together and talk, about things banal because they said everything ‘intarekcho’ on their blogs. Ask the 27th, he was there, ask Jackfruity or Carlo (even though we spent the evening talking about her sister) or Aivan or Darlene. There must be justice…

Out of the despair a plan is hatched…

We have come from too far, to allow the prevarications and prejudices of an insider gone rogue to bring down the house. Hence my plan. We will hatch a plan and get the one person he cant kill write about and make them hunt him. We will need an Angelina Jolie played by the dashing Cheri, [for lack of anyone with longer legs, does that qualify as sexist?] and Morgan Freeman will be played by old man Baz! Aivan can play the cheating friend and the bitchy ex-girlfriend can be played by…*rubbing chin while looking into the distance saying “I wonder who to cast for this role…Cheri is already in here,aha haa! Carlo, that one of the mysterious stranger!!* Dennis Matanda and Princess will play our criminal analysts and 27th can play the “son” blogger he could never shoot.

Did this guy need some action in his life? Why did we ever allow him into the blogger community? We should have stopped him and banned him at this first sign of trouble.We will give it to him only that in the end of this one everyone else lives and the annoying impudent tweet dies. I, the Spartan will guarantee this with my 9 lives.…

Now he is “Wanted”. Over to you D.

8 thoughts on “Black Monday

  1. I think this is my first time here…sorry for being such a lazy twerp. This was awesome, now to run through your older posts with my cape and bat hat!<><>Btw not sexist, it’s limbist.<><>LET US KILL HIM!!! 😀


  2. and you think she would tell you? naye Cheri…don’t be so she should just say, hey cheri, “yeah that guy and i were like tight till mrs. Olobo busted us”? Even i wouldnt make an admission that dumb! or did i just do it?


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