Trip To Jinja

I recently made a trip to Jinja, actually on Val’s day, on a totally work-related project. However i had the good fortune to meet with some amazing photo opportunities. And so i took some.

At the source of the River Nile I found a young man with a familiar obsession. He would grow up at the river Nile.learn from his uncle or older brother how to surf the tumultuous waters on nothing more than a plastic jerrycan. He had never crossed the Nile; that thundering bastard of a river. He asked for 500 Ugandan shillings about a quarter of a USD and i wouldn’t have given it to him. But then he turned. I would give it to him, for a picture of his shirt. And now, brought to you for free at no cost to you my dear reader: Meet Rooney [as i came to know him] Are we seriously that obsessed?

Rooney The Fisherman
Then I saw a man fishing in the midday sun. Believe me you ain’t seen nothing till you see a man fish in the middle of a hot day for some apparently absent fish. He sat there; he had no rod, all he had was some fishing string tied to a hook and him and his six other friends just continuously cast out the fishing hooks which were tied onto the string and waited. It was like a scene out of Huckleberry Finn. I was almost sorry for him.

And then there was fish making out. ’nuff said

4. And there was the attack of the guys in blue along the way. When you stop to buy fresh vegetables and they accost you relentlessly to the point where they will put the dog meat in your{ yeah i have heard that in order to stay profitable after the global credit crunch hit their stocks on the NYSE, these traders substituted beef for canine} it is always interesting to see them swarm around the stopping cars hoping to sell the occupants a piece of half cooked canine.

I have always thought Ugandans had a strange sense of business acumen.

5. And there was the lake house;

some things in life I will never get over, some things I will. Its just a matter of time and the reason why this place still looks like a trash can out of the Amin era still makes my heart bleed.

Yeah. some things I will. Get Over

9 thoughts on “Trip To Jinja

  1. Jina is a nice place,<><>Good to know there is an upcoming Rooney even though all he can do is Fish. <><>That Fish does look Yummy<><>Dog is not so bad, I’ve heard from my Chinese workmate<><>I wish I could retire to such a lakehouse


  2. Spartakuss, seams you’ve not been exposed to diverse cultures like some of us and because of your limitation, I will refrain from giving more references<>Some people do find eating nsenene offensive. hope you’ll get out of that stereotyping soon


  3. @Emi: Like some of us?! dude seriously? stereotyping even?<>man, i don’t think am that exposed but that whole not exposed like some us shot was very cheap.and no, you don’t eat nsenene coz of a centuries old tradition that you have no understanding of.


  4. LOVE THE NEW LOOK.<>gave up tryin to get my ass on your blog roll.(kale)<>Will smith is amazin,am a fan to the core.<>seven pounds dragged a lil bit but i loved it


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