Random Thoruggits:

1. Yes I changed the blog template. I was looking for something darker and if you’re not yet on my blog roll, just give it some time.

2. This morning as i was on my way to work the taxi was tuned in to Top Radio. The presenters are talking about the recent scourge of beheading little girls that has spread across the country and how that has become a menace. The one guy says “This is a big mess. Government has to do something”
The second guy comes up with an idea on how the government should intervene to curb this blood curling practice “The government should buy helmets for all women and girls to prevent this whole be-heading thing!! ” WTF!? seriously!

3. I’ve gotten a new apartment and its frighteningly awesome that i’ll be changing location as soon as this week!

4. I met a girl this week with a weak heart, so she with a helmet protected it.

5. And is it just me, or do almost all bloggers somehow find themselves at steak out on rock night? I don’t want to say its the taste for the weird and dangerous stuff but seriously, some of that shit needs to stop. Speaking to B2B, DarkKnight, and a lot of you that keep showing up without notice.

6. Feb has 28 days. To all the women, may this be a perfect month.

7. I miss that little red haired bastard called the 27th Comrade. I remembered him while I was watching the Daniel Craig drama ‘Defiance”.

8. Speaking of … its been on my mind lately and I have probably tried to bring it up in every conversation I have had/tried to have lately. The maturation of Will Smith as an actor. From the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Enemy of the State, Bad Boys, to i-Robot, then I am legend, the Pursuit of Happiness the guy has come full circle and truly found himself *[Disclaimer: I think] in 7 pounds. Raw, dark, and nonchalant it makes you feel like you wanna love someone and yet be really selfish about the people you love.

9. I have this secret suspicion that Tumwi is a hot, bespectacled, petite, and hour-glass-figured woman. Yes, and so fiery yet so coy.

10. And a blast from the past!!!

Got me thinking, is there any repository where its possible to get some of this wahala? I mean some of you guys have Mind Your Language!

23 thoughts on “

  1. 1. I like the template new template 🙂<>4. Did not get you there.<>6. Thank you, kind sir. Now spread the message to all ovaries.<>7. Me too 😦<>8. I disagree… his ‘save the world’ character bores me. Not watched Seven Pounds yet…<>10. LMAO


  2. Dude, nice template…Edward from Twilight would be jealous.<><>Lol @ “Wahala”.<><>Unfortunately, this isn’t turning outto be a wonderful month for me…Let’s see how the turn goes.


  3. 1. I likeeee….<>2. Yeah, most radio presenters tend to be a bunch of ill informed idiots, so…no surprises!<>3. Boy turns into man…aren’t you a late starter?<>4.hmmmm….ok<>5.rock night, rock night, rock night…(chanting wildly as if in trance)<>6. I have bad words to say to you right now….God Bless you<>Woooh…f-ing…saaahh.<>8. He hot…Though aint too sure of Seven pounds!!


  4. @Ashy: thx on the template. and yeah i was at the rock, i probably just don’t know your face too well…<>@cheri: i think it’ll be an awesome month, it ends on saturday so payday must surely be somewhere close. right?<>@Liz:am a little man so there is nothing like a late starter.and true, most radio presenters are “full of shit”; they talk out of their asses. don’t you agree? and No.6? woman i have no f…ing control over how the damn cycle plays out but wikipedia says there’s a relation with the lunar cycle. so bad words? that would be really mature…


  5. You are a Little man! At least we agree on something.<>I was once told that when it comes to entertainment, cardinal rule, get the consumers attention. It really doesn’t matter if most do talk out their arses, express sheer brilliance or make you wanna through up. Bottom line, they get attention. That presenter had yours!<>Did I ever claim to be mature?<>BTW, where is your moon, is that the thing your page does when its daylight? If it is, I am bleeting jealous.


  6. This Dark suits the contents<><>New Crib…..Hmmm When is House Warming?<> <>Forgive the Little one<><>Is there any other place for Thursday?<><>Watched 7 Pounds Last Night and it was another beautiful Willy performance…I understand why Jada put him in a bottle.<>Seven pounds almost gave me tears..then I remembered it’s just another movie..It has that hot Gemini Division/ Eagle Eye Chic<><>lol


  7. @Emis:if you think am a little man, give your sister my email, have her call me. she will ROTL!<>@Liz:if you think I’m little i dare you to take me on. you have never heard of the word “Omukiga ashambire”.<>@Erique:honestly and believe me, its better than the altenative.


  8. some of that shyte needs to stop<><>yeah Dawg..<><>the shyte of talking the talk, and not walking it!!<><>playa, Liz has already offered you a bone..<><>don’t trip, coz the lord ain’t through with you at all!!<><>and in other news, dope randomzies post!


  9. Let me put you out of your misery.<><>9a. Tumwi is not hot.<><>9b. Tumwi does not wear spectacles, but when viewed from a distance, the bags and dark rings around her eyes look like spectacles.<><>9c. The last time Tumwi was after her premature birth.<><>9d. If a potbelly and flabby thighs are classed as hour-glass, then by all means, Tumwi has a figure like that.<><>9e. Tumwi is not coy and she doesn’t think the word deserves a mention in the dictionary.


  10. @eizyy.k: you know i would like to obey you ma’am, i fear you have assigned me to a woman with inadequate competencies! <>i generally think she is all smoke and no fire…trust me.<>@Liz: and you Liz, its not funny to just go around telling people you want to get sticky with them if you’re only doing just that;telling them.<>@be silent: true, its a shame the way they think everything is material for entertainment.<>@B2B; in fairness i have tried but, you know how it works. she promises. and promises and never gives.


  11. @ Spartakuss: Smoke, with no fire?! Nice, coming for the unlit matchstick that is wondering why the fire place ain’t lit.<>As for you trying, dude, maybe you are off your game, so much so that I am not compelled to deliver. Still yet to get what is in it for me!<>Bro, step up your game, then, maybe, you will FINALLY score…maybe.


  12. @ Spartakuss: If my memory serves me right, we have been down this road before, and if it had “made sense”, we would not be having this conversation.<><>thanks, but no thanks…will pass.


  13. Can’t say I can handle the point by point responses however, the bit about helmets stopping the beheading was hillarious, I’m happy that you found a new place, may I come through for a mini house warming nightcap?<>Tumwi is one lucky girl, seeing as she effortlessly takes up quite a bit of your thought time, must be the profile pic, sharp eye, huh?!<>Well done Spartakuss,<>till next time,<>easy does it 🙂


  14. P.S. @ Liz and Spartakuss, until you've been behind a microphone and can understand what it's like, may you please refrain from making such derogatory remarks about presenters, be specific if you have to, just don't put 'em all in one general pair of brackets<><>N.B. & Pounds was amazing, well done Will<><>Sue me 😉


  15. and now that I think of it….it can be hillarious how shallow some of these presenters can get(particularly the ones you talk about in this article)…spoiling the name for the rest of the crop,<>easy does it


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