The Woman I Care About

I care about you.

I think you are sexy and thoughtful.

I have had thoughts of little Spartakusses running around in the backyard.

Playing gaily in the rain and you standing in the kitchen window and watching them as you wash the dishes and fret about your kitchen.

Of long days coming from work and cooking dinner. Sitting on the counter top. And telling me stories about how your day was.

Cutting vegetables. And boiling stews. Kissing you. Being us.

I wanna say in a gruff voice “I don’t know honey. Why don’t you ask mummy?”

And “hey baby, maybe you shouldn’t be wearing my boxers all the time, coz then I won’t panic in the morning looking for a fresh pair. I think it’s kinda hard to show up to work in a suit with a thong underneath”

I want to look into your deep brown eyes and drown in all that brown sugar deliciousness that resides in there. To wallow. To melt. Become sublime.

Hold you in my arms. Take you when I want. Stolen kisses in the elevator. Long trips to see long lost “cousins”.

To be completely showered in your kisses and your longing distant look as you sit astride me.

To love you more everyday. To love you in 100 new ways every 100 new days.

Woman. Let me care about you.

8 thoughts on “The Woman I Care About

  1. have you ever met the spartans? or at least seen the movie? The idea is not to so much emulate the spartan way but their attitude = “Do it till you drop”and when its done don’t flog the damn dead horse!and besides, for most spartans, their glory walks hand in hand with their doom.


  2. Hate to rain on anyone’s parade but while this might sound all so wholesome and romantic…does it actually exist Spartakuss?I mean, for all we know, could this only be wishful thinking on your part…wishing that this is how you would feel if you ever gave into (the illusion of )love?


  3. If this woman exist you think she knows how you feel, or did she read this? You are a great writer and I hope you are not saving all your passion on your poems. Some women need to hear it, need to feel it, to get the addled mind back in line.Sometimes when we feel a nice squall we should spread our wings, who knows where you end up.


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