I was tagged by this here woman Sybella and so when it all came down tothe matter I remembered beeeme had tagged me too but I have been negligent about responding to people’s needs. But here goes:

  1. I believe the Baganda tribe has the greatest legacy of all the peoples of this country. We [us, non kingdom people] will never see, or know, the glory and the true heritage of having a kingdom dynasty almost 4 centuries old. Or being part of something large, powerful and disorganized.
  2. My most embarrassing moment in my life was during my Senior Four Physics Final Practical Exam. The exam required to measuring sand and finding a balance. Being the best in my class made me panic; and I wet my shorts. Right there. They brought me a basin to stand in for the rest of the exam so the pool wouldn’t spread. That shit messed with my head.
  3. I don’t talk to or entertain relationships with virgins. Some people think its harsh, I think of it a safeguard against something I will tell you later.
  4. I don’t E.V.E.R. let people touch my head or my face. I wear glasses and y’all know how that gets. Unless we are intimate and even they cant touch my head.
  5. I hate football.
  6. The third initial in my tattoo stands for the name of a guy who saved my life – Thrice! When he saved me the last time, I took his name so I would always remember.
  7. I secretly believe my calling is to be a preacher because I’m a gifted speaker but, like Jonah, I am running away from it consciously. We’ll talk when he has a better deal!
  8. I find that I can’t relate/stand people who can but are too lazy to speak English properly. I begin to secretly resent their laziness, and then eventually cut them out of my company and my life. Damn bad influences!
  9. When I date a woman I fully submit myself to her will, thinking nothing else. When I leave I never look back. My form idea of immortality does not entail salt pillars.
  10. I am a terrific cook and I relate to people a lot depending on how well I perceive they can cook, or appreciate good food.
  11. I love eating- the smells, the aromas, the sound of sizzling butter on the pan, shiny knives in a cabinet, bright silver pans, polished cutlery, and the scent of 6, 7, 8, or 15 different food types served out.

    I would like to tag Mjay, Valentia and the Rogue King.

3 thoughts on “HONEST, HONEST SCRAPS.

  1. dude, pple dnt touch your head?which head?rogue king already let it rip, so did val…
    “..I was the best in my class.”..eeeh u guy?i thought that was me?and i din’t know you wet your pants..tragic. nwe, look how you turned out


  2. jamming it doesn’t make it untrue. and if you know me at all, girl, that even isn’t crazy at all! but for me, its right up there 45 minutes into the physics prac. when i went to A’level tehy offered me sciences but i refused them;just so i would never be under so much pressure to perform ever.


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