Fashion Tips

I was reading The Seductress Within and she wrote an article where she said ‘women dress for other women and not men.’ In giving advice to women who are just dressing to attract men, she put out a couple of pointers on what men really think about “too much clutter”.

The line below caught my eye and made laugh very hard.

 If there are too many zippers, ties, buttons, straps…’s distracting and he will be intimidated thinking of how to get it off of you. Even if you don’t want to sleep with him, you want him to imagine it.

I keep thinking about our Kampala fashionistas; all looking skunky and anorexic hanging around Mateos’ attempting the hip look.

4 thoughts on “Fashion Tips

  1. @Petesmama:wait, Pete's mother has no style? this bad! kinterebudde! it is so terrible!
    @syb: i think its more important to make the decision to dispose of all the tramp stuff in your closet, and then start not buying anything
    @lulu: are you one of those people who do the nude in their houses and walk around in public in no underwear? you should tell your comrades that Mrs Spartakuss has a bounty out on teh head of every woman with no panty line


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