When The Fat Lady Sang…

No offense to the fat ones…
anyways, i went to this thing over the weekend where they were launching Tusker Project Fame; the anachronistic mixture between Big Brother and Idols. To get the show underway I found they were looking for talent to sing Karaoke and so…..

According to one blogger of note, I was not the worst but I will have you know [Heyrer] that no matter what “I will survive’ which is what I wish I had sung but no, I ended up singing a beautiful rendition of The Everly Bothers’ Crying in The Rain.

And to a paked house did those that are inherently in me but I never seem to know where the guts or the absence of sense to do them comes from.

13 thoughts on “When The Fat Lady Sang…

  1. you left out the part where we booed you off stage and screamed for red-banton to do his thing…had a grande time btw, senkyu senkyu…and you weren't half bad, you shda stayed on key though


  2. @pete:its an awesome song.but tehy ahd no songs after 1969 so i was kinda stuck
    @sleek:dude, the next tim you do syth off teh cuff text me. i will notonly call you back, i will proceed to entertain and revel you.


  3. @walker: *blush blush blush…i wish you had seen me do my thang! but you still can. come over on sunday at 8:00pm when the show airs. there'll be karaoke. You name a song and i 'll sing like a canary!
    @Rhino: Rhonda, you better stop bringing up all this drama. you are like normzo and silverbow who i both gave cards and their lousy-ness didnt show! So will you come this sunday, if you're in town?


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