19 thoughts on “The finest woman I ever saw…

  1. @streetsider: have you seen her bod?! Its like how you pass and Afro-negroid mannequin and you ask eehh! the Dark Knight is now modeling?

    You stand next to this woman and things happen to you!


  2. You horny boy…You know she will end up reading this… and then, maybe then….

    You will get to play with her dreads, while she is on your chest…i know this trick….


  3. @normzo: Boy, you haven't been blogging long enough to now this trick – Trsut me!

    and no she won't read it, otherwise I should be expecting a call from Hellena Mayanja from that pic of her gropping her crotch.


  4. Normzo..I am with you on this one. This is just simply a wicked tactic. As they say …”watch this space”. Spartakuss..Good luck. 🙂


  5. Woman, i don't know her personality. I've seen the red pepper say things recently but i guess the distance to Namanve distorts most aspects of any news story so i'm being non-commital on the personality issues.


  6. Oh my… the blog world is small too… Spartakuss? I appreciate that u think that highly of me but seriously u might get me killed and over judged on how I look. Guys, am not that hot… he is raising the bar too high that I can't feel my feet..LOL..:-) Jesus!


  7. You know, people over judging you is Ok. you don't have to apologise for who you are or (more importantly) what you've got.

    And about this bar you are talking about, I mean seriously? I just put a blog title. you should have seen the post itself. I guess not that we are having this discussion i should put it up sometime.


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