DAILY MONITOR IS A DISGRACE, AGAIN!! OK I Want Someone From the Monitor Fired!!

… Because You CANNOT be the vanguards of free thinking, independence, and claim and run adverts about “In a world full of lies and spin…” Look for the “Truth Everyday”

This is the second time this is happening:

The review of Invictus; the clown who wrote the story had the audacity to give it a nice big picture, probably a google picture but not enough time to find out that in the movie, the SpringBoks‘ arch rivals were actually the ALL BLACKS of NEW ZEALAND, not to be confused with the Wallabies of Australia.

Do the Fuckin‘ research, or keep the amateurs off the job!

Look, the least I expect is the truth, not a lot of fancy stuff, just simply the truth. It is Uganda’s biggest problem, marveling over the grandiloquence and being cheated in that single act of “village-ness“. Big election slogans like “Quarter pin” and “Senyondo” and the still have the The Daily Monitor give a supplement on 24 years in power!

I’m indidgnant because these are the things that force me to have discussions where people say “..But the Daily Monitor said..!” and in a room full of people who think any alternative to the New Vision must be right, I’m gouged with evil eyes because I’m saying that Jonah Lomu single-handedly lifted te sport of Rugby onto the world stage; its own child, its very first Megastar.

I’m forced to, without compunction, call them idiots and damn the newspaper in the same breath. Like that time NTV was congratulating Obama and they said that world, development ethicist “Jeffrey Sax” had sent his best wishes. This station is revered all over the nation and no one took the time to find out that Jeffrey’s other name is “Sachs”?

Th truth, we have a responsibility too the 50,000 pairs of eyes that read these pages. Some are government officials which is why the figure is not exactly twice the circulation figures of 32,000: the government official don’t read the papers, they see pictures.

Some others are members of parliament, that decrepit conservative institution that wants to eat its own every time it has a chance. Cannibals they are, I tell you!

Others are parents, teachers, uncles, aunties, idiots, sugar daddies, all who read this information and pose by dropping it like little nuggets of information for young impressionables to pick up. They use it to impress, to show off, to boast, to goad, to bully, to genuinely teach, and, to guide.

But the greatest injustice is to the young minds that are discovering the world around them, hearing , smelling, seeing, reading, learning and taking in all this to be able to make sense of their lives. They are are the worst affected; victims of a negligent, fat, inept editor who failed to Google the damn country! and they have no idea what to look for on the map.

So they grow knowing a lie to be the truth until one day in the Zain Africa Challenge when they stand between themselves, their country’s pride, USD $250,000, and the greatest moment of their lives and the question is asked: …….

7 thoughts on “DAILY MONITOR IS A DISGRACE, AGAIN!! OK I Want Someone From the Monitor Fired!!

  1. Much ado about little… so the lazy bastard probably didnt even watch the movie he was reviewing, so what? The point of the film is the passion of the Boks and how the country found unity in rugby.
    And speaking of editing, it is “disgrace”.


  2. OK Chap, I will agree with you, but will not accept, that whoever they are paying should not do their job. If they didnt watch the movie thats fine, then they should have stuck to the broad outlines of Clint Eastwood as director and the use of the movie as a rugby enhancing tool.

    then if he didn't watch the movie, all the more reason to abstain from the specifics. If you are rugby fan, you'll know how much indignation this causes in any one. If not, then you must know what it feels like when someone calls “motherfucker!” and you're the only one who turns.


  3. I've had this rant a couple of times. Sometimes I think it is a hopeless cause. You will open the papers tomorrow and find the same old erroneous crap; different day.

    Just breathe.

    And then tomorrow we rant again. Something's gotta give eventually.


  4. Save for your love for the game, I just hope you are so perfect.
    Editors are human like you who make mistakes everyday and you sing “I am sorry”
    Springboks Wallabies or All Blacks, who cares. Thought it was about Heathens or Cobs.
    So much dust for nothing.


  5. Ok anonymous chap again,

    Yes, but its not just about my love for the game. What about the kid who wants to be a horticulturalist or an astronomer being told that Aurora Borealis is actually rain?!

    I think journalists are human but for the nature of their jobs, they are called to a higher position and calling.

    And its Kobs, not Cobs

    Its not much dust for nothing, its actually a lot of dust for some hard earned money i spend to buy the damn paper!


  6. I have never been a Rugby fan so cobs or Kobs, who cares. Thanks for the correction though.

    And I still maintain that journalists are human like you and I am sure that person must have been docked about Shs200,000 and will never repeat the same. They usually do corrections if they feel the need anyway.

    When some one hurts you, do you kill him/her? I do not think the person should be fired as you calling for.

    Even international papers have very many mistakes in them and I bet they do not fire people.

    If you were a boss, you would be with no employees because any mistake would call for a sack.

    Whether higher position or calling, things are not done loke that especially when we are all human.


  7. Ok anonymous Ed**,

    i agree that firing them is a bit harsh and i understand that the person being docked of money might be a little harsh but you must see it from where I’m coming.

    We can't complain that our country is going to the dogs and that education is the answer out of that dire mud pit with the media as key stakeholders and partners in that venture and then, in the same breath have the discussion on compromise with quality.

    In all fairness, I don't know what goes into the making of a paper, or the printing of a story, but I do know that the basic tenets of good writing as established by those who came before us stand as firm today as they did when those laws were enacted…

    and while you can claim poetic license, or literary liberties, it still remains that in forums like a the entertainment pages of a daily that is not a tabloid, or a pull out e.g. “SQOOP” the rules of convention will be adhered to – unless previously communicated. I assert immutably that its the compromise that’s killing the nation. Its the same reason why a brilliant promising student gets shot on campus and no one gets charged while an artiste, who refused to go to school in order to sing, attracts the attention of the president. It’s that same mentality which won’t let Jim or Mike get incarcerated but will have minors committed for slight misdemeanours.

    Look I get that journalists have it tough, they don’t get much in way of remuneration, or applause, or training but I also know indelibly well a line they will use when they want to slander, pillory and smear citizens: it is their “right to inform the public” or “in public interest”. They will use it to invade, pervert, denigrate and even cannibalise society.

    But I’m a fair guy. So I will make a bargain with you Mr. Ed**. Everyday I will read The Daily Monitor and everyday I will point out an error in the paper. Are you willing to put your anonymous reputation on the line for something like that? Because I’m only one person working against a team of over 35 writers, editors, subs, and executives.


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