Can you spot the sweat mark?

I went through school as a tortured child because of sweaty teachers…

8 thoughts on “Can you spot the sweat mark?

  1. Good are so wrong. haha the visual image of sweat never bothered me it was the Body odour I had to learn to live with. I think some of them just decided that it wasn't worth using deodrant we students would cope. Styudents generally are quite forgiving but there was something about the combination of sweat and lifebuoy that never settled with me.

    You are still so wrong though. 🙂


  2. It was at the Old skool party @ Zone7 a few days ago.

    I know its cool to write on walls, why isn't it cool to wear deodorant?

    @Basiks: Dude, have you heard the expression “deal-breaker”? yeah sweaty armpits are a deal-breaker
    and i do feel sorry for the girl because in all fairness if knew her, it would have been much worse.


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