Sunrise 1, originally uploaded by jnape.

I woke up this morning to a cloudy shadow cast over my city. Its been rainy the past few days. this after weeks of disastrous blood-caking sunshine. I swear you could feel the blood congealing in your capillaries the moment you hit the sun.

As a result people used more fuel on air conditioning in their cars and Uganda despite being one of the few countries that western countries are using to settle their carbon debts through Carbon trading quickly lost all the points we had made. That in itself is not entirely a bad thing, but one has to think of what is lost. the failure to ponder on the consequences of our actions is the highest cause of stupid, human-defining actions and moments. The one thing (action or moment) that interminably alters the nature, development, course and ideas of human history; like Hiroshima, Sharpville, 1968, Obama, 9/11, the very first Easter, Katrina, Declaration of Independence, July 14th 1789, the word ‘Cunt’, or even the birth of Sarah Palin.

Each of these actions diametrically changed human history as it will be told for centuries to come. they are curved in stone for us to pass on: for we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.

Some readers here will argue that Sarah Palin doesn’t deserve to be on the list given that she is a monumental cunt but I put it to you that surely those of you that have never wanted a cunt (to own one or be grateful for one) should cast the first stone. I propound that without the really shitty writers (read Robert Kalumba), the luminaries like Tumwi, Baz, Liz, Streetsider are just writers. Its only when you see how much power is given to this inept and mediocre stock that you are able to compare how good you’ve got it.

And so I celebrate the rain and the sun, the guns and the roses, the bitch who broke my heart and the one who is the shinning new star in my firmament. It is the sunrise that gives us hope to take away the grieving of the night.

Have a nice week

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