what network are you on?

Two years ago I met up with Jesse “Tuks” as his friends know him and we shared ideas on how the youth and the future were the key to changing Uganda and its direction. he introduced me to the most debate and conversational conundrum i had faced to date. I still use this discussion in my talks with young people and as mind nibbler.
Jesse’s passion about a righteous nation did not stem entirely from a religious stand point, but also from a deeply human place. He argued that a society’s leaders were elected because they were the best that society had to offer; they were its torch bearers, they were the society’s benchmark of morality, goodness, kindness, honesty, generousity, hospitality, diligence and passion! He was riled by the stories that were in the papers everyday where politicians, leaders, teachers, parents and icons just got caught up morally compromising situations. It angered him. Not because it prevented him from progressing but because he felt that with role models like this, the future was not protected – our children were not safe, and hence the nation stood on a precipice.A dangerous place where if we were not careful we would plunge into the abyss!
His friend Moses on the other hand believed that leaders were a reflection of what a society was. They had no moral right, or authority or right to be better than the people they led; they were after-all a selection from among the people. Hence in his arguement, leaders were society’s moral compass, telling of the society’s decadence or its depravities. 
However both these gentlemen agreed that something had to be done to heal a broken nation.they believed that today’s generation had to do something to heal the divide otherwise it was only;y a matter of time until something catastrophic happened.Until the “Have-nots” rose up against the “Haves”and forced them to “return” what was theirs. It is a scenario that has played out across the world for millenia.
Enter Character.Inc, an organization formed to encourage young people to do the right thing, despite all the competing communication around them; don’t litter, be honest, work diligently, never cheat, have integrity, have Character – because its “Worth the Price” 
This is how they express their call to all Ugandans, if you get this forward it on to someone, maybe we can build our community, one choice at a time.
And so when they went to Bududa district to take relief to the landslide victims this is what they had to show: Check out the BUDUDA.PDF REPORT.

Enough said.

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