Rugby, Fallen Stars and Great Advertising!

I remember when I first saw this billboard of Allan Musoke. The Ugandan team had just stormed the Dubai Sevens and the picture was taken when Allan Musoke was racing to Ugandan glory. It brought the idea of Ugandan heroes very close to mind. It is possible for Ugandans excel, to shine and to truly live an unforgettable experience!

Uganda won this game to become the CAF African Champions; the best rugby playing nation outside of South Africa – well those guys don’t really count.

some of the highlights from that wonderful game

This chap is probably the best kicker we have in the country.

Some of these guys went to the sidelines and never came back! hey became part of the furniture. Same spot every weekend. Time after time. Etuket, Chonga, Tinka, Kasana.


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