Golola Moses: The Hitler Video

This is the story of Golola Moses, Uganda’s next viral sensation. this video shows how Adolf reacted when he heard about Golola Moses being unleashed on every super hero known to man.

Golola Moses has a fight on 13th June. Can we please as Ugandans all support him?

8 thoughts on “Golola Moses: The Hitler Video

  1. I was going to say this had Baz written all over it, but then there were spelling mistakes. Foul spelling mistakes. So then…never Baz. Unless those too were spoofs. But still, hilarious. 😀


  2. my bad for the spelling mistakes. I guess i wont be getting any x-mas presents from my primary teachers..


  3. @patient: you might not even know what you did but, you just made Golola Moses the greatest icon could hav ever had. just watch this blog and what we are going to do with him!


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