Summer Sandals from the Amazing One Mango tree

My friend Halle has been up to so much! The people at One mango Tree have been innovating and thinking, resulting in some pretty incredible partnerships and now from the hand made 100% organic fabrics, they now bring you the Sseko sandals.

Ssekos are sandals produced by a group of beautiful, intelligent young women in central Uganda that have graduated secondary school and want to continue their education into college/university. When you purchase this sandal, you’re directly helping to fund and empower these ladies to become successful lawyers, doctors, and professionals. You are planting a seed. The sandals themselves are incredibly easy and the best part is that you’re fully capable of creating your own, unique sandal by tying, twisting, and looping the fabric in different ways. Don’t worry! We’ll feature some upcoming posts with cute, creative ways to tie your Ssekos.

Find the rest of the article here… 

To order in Uganda,email here and they can tell you where to buy these amazing sandals from or where they can deliver to you:

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