The Rules To Being a Player

Last week I listened to Rick Dee’s countdown of the greatest hits of the decade on Touch 95‘N’9. I couldn’t believe some of the music he had on there. Some really cool stuff. Anyway somewhere between hit number 12 and hit number 11, Ashley calls in form somewhere in California and this is how the conversation goes
Ashley: “Hi Rick, I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. I was wondering if you can tell me how I can confirm this.”
RD: “Well, Ashley, these are absolutely 5 ways to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.
1.       There is no longer any intimacy between you and him, either emotionally or physically.
2.       He never answers his phone when you are with him.
3.       He doesn’t communicate with you as often as he used to.
4.       He is suddenly irritable and easily offended.
5.       He is suddenly less predicatble.
Well, Ashley, I hope we were able to answer your question right there. What made you think your boyfriend was cheating on you?
Ashley: “Thanks, Rick. …ahhh nothing I just found him in the shower with my sister”
I got to thinking, what it is about a cheating guy that does give him away. In a recent relationship, she came back from a night out with her friends in the middle of the night. While I snored away she checked my phone, and in there saw material that was the cause of a fractious discussion.
She asked closed ended questions like “Are you seeing someone else?” in classic Spartakuss style, I replied, “I don’t answer close ended questions”. She felt this was too arrogant. She figured because she and checked my phone and found “evidence” she’d got it right, and I should cower in utter despondence.
She then proceeded to pack all my things all the while muttering under her breath how she had had enough and that she wouldn’t stand to this anymore. With pride and sense of deep admonition I dressed up asked, “Do you expect me to leave now”?
“You can take your things whenever you want. I’m done with you.”
As I left, I thought about it, what truly are the hallmarks of a player?
Ladies and Gentlemen, from Spartakuss Media we present: The Top 15 Signs/Symptoms:

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