Ugandan film industry growing up into hilarious trailers!

After reading Matooke Nation‘s post on Who killed Captain Alex?” purportedly Uganda’s best action movie, I got to thinking; is the Ugandan movie industry really evolving to Nollywood standards? The fact is the concept is great, the execution not so much.
What we really need to be thinking about right now is whether we can be part of the revolution supporting this new creative spurt happening in our little city. As I shared with some of the people in my office we landed on something even more hilarious. This is a movie called Tebatusaasula”. The trailers are very hilarious and I’m very curious to know who is generating this home-grown “ghetto” talent. But there is no denying, the landscape is not going to be the same by the time this year ends.
 I keep thinking Golola Moses should have been casted as the special mercenary.

…..and some white people are just off the hook. For your pleasure

I think some things in life are just too white.

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