The new Bell Lager bottle

Uganda Breweries has unveiled a refreshed Bell Lager complete with a slim long neck bottle, in a move brand officials say will reinforce the premium quality attributes that the flagship brand has been
associated with over the years.

Unveiling the refreshed Bell Lager bottle to the Press at Serena Hotel – Kampala, EABL Marketing Director Marion Muyobo said, “Uganda’s oldest brew which has been perfected to international standards by the best brewers in Uganda has now reached the height of quality with the new look.” She
attributed the innovation to Bell Lager consumers. “As we follow Bell Lager’s foot prints over the years, we owe the brand’s success story to its loyal consumers. It is you who have made Bell what it is today. It is you who have continued to define the direction the brand will take. As you hold the new Bell Lager bottle in your hands, we can tell you agree that the brand has achieved what it set out to achieve.eight of quality”, she said.

The old Bell Lager bottle

Bell Lager has spanned over 60 years in the Ugandan market as a premium quality brand of international repute that epitomizes Ugandan heritage and has won numerous Monde Selection awards. EABL Uganda Managing Director Alasdair Musselwhite said the Brewery found it inevitable to refurbish the packaging to match the ever changing consumer preferences, lifestyles, and trends. He was quick to note that the new look Bell does not in any way compromise on the taste and quality of the brand.

“The premium quality lager is made from only the finest barley, hops and water to produce a world class beer, unrivaled in freshness. All our processes work together to give you a world class beer, now in the new longneck bottle.


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