The Urban Legend Party and Bad Black’s Dollars

For those of you who weren’t there at the ULK celebrating one year party a lot of things went down.
Well for starters me and the Good Doctor walked down there after judging the 3rd Annual National Inter-University Female Public Speaking Contest. A mouthful you think? Well, I wish the contestants had a mouthful to say. They didn’t, which made the task a chore in tedium. But which had its redeeming moments of laughter, conviction, and eloquence. We had been tasked to deliver 20 out 87 students appearing from 17 universities across the country. Last year’s winner was from MUBS (I don’t know why they don’t just build annex dormitories down there already). Makerere oyeee!!! But I digress.
So we got there and they had this beautiful TV slideshow rolling at the chic Boda Boda restaurant. They had cordoned it off for the VIPs and so we just stood in the “kirasha“: the place where the general happiness crowd hangs out. And we stood there waiting for it to begin. And we stood. Polite smiles to old enemies. Annnnnddddd we stood. At some point in the evening, we were joined by more amenable company, a lady who is making her first appearance on this blog and will hopefully be making many others in the course of this blog (OK Carol, now you have appeared on the Spartan’s blog). The evening lit up as friends started to show up and also make polite gestures. I had to wonder whether they too were making polite smiles at old enemies. But I learned a long time ago never to live without enemies, makes you soft. Ask Bad Black or Gilbo Mahogs.
The party began and the emcees took it away; I don’t know who the male emcee was (and frankly I’m fresh out of rats, so…) but the female emcee, Marie just rocked the daylights off the party. It was really good. I can still visualize Streetsider trying to take on IamEnyma in Runya-flow; and almost conking out like a badly-serviced P.S.V. It was hilarious. As we stood around chatting, talking, and sharing the delight of being among good company came to me. It fell on me like the morning dew that always fell on my face in secondary school on Monday mornings because that was when I always read the news for the whole school. I had to be at school early. That’s why the dew always fell on my face as I walked in.
But my absolute favourite part of that night was when the legends started making it rain on us with Black dollars. OK, the money was black on one side, But the front had Bad Black. The one and only Shanifa Nalukenge. 
One Black Dollar from Bad Bank
Yes, that was the highlight of my evening. I am easy to amuse and that’s proobably because there things about me that are impossible to change. Its the ying and yang that balances me out. Those of you who don’t know Bad Black and all the acrimony she has caused read her life story here
I eventually walked home that night when my ride was unceremoniously hijacked by a wily and sharp witted damsel. I’m quite sure he had his reasons. And besides, who needed a ride anyway? Right?
So Thank you ULK for a glamorous party. Incidentally, I noticed while taking a long stroll with a fellow writer friend of mine recently that of the 5 legends, 4 went to the same school. hhmm… But my theories on that later.
Till next time.

3 thoughts on “The Urban Legend Party and Bad Black’s Dollars

  1. Why is Enygma dropping comments at 1:30AM? Is he spying on his neighbors? Dodging the landlord? What? What? This needs to be investigated…..Glad you liked the dollars man. Didn't go too well last I tried to use them in a taxi. And same school…ummm


  2. @enygma: you were having a blast that night. Keep it steady.
    @Kakomap: Dude, your post checked in at half midnight. And now that bad black is outta jail, can we get her to sponsor us real dollars.


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