Move Over Apple: Sony now moves into commodities

“Money has no sex…we are all in bed with it. A few with more *somes than others.” Davis Musinguzi [Twitter: @Davisthedoc]
The man posted it in his “za twita” and I almost #died. Anyways, more on that later. But one can see the essence. We are all in bed with money, and some people have twosomes, others threesomes, others foursomes. Golola Moses just lets them hang on it, swing, and sing “siporingi“. It didn’t make sense when he said it at the time, but with all this load shedding and the global economy almost becoming as reliable as an old man’s erection (which reminds me of a sweet joke Okonkwo’s youngest wife makes about his guns that don’t shoot in Things Fall Apart, prompting him to take out his rifle old and shoot), it follows that companies will look to expand production and diversify revenue streams.
When Sleek said here, that the one thing in Uganda that was all the rage was NRM sugar I thought he was joking. But when I learnt that M-7 traveled to Israel and was meeting with Israel top leadership not to discuss arms but economic support I had a change of heart. I knew my man Sleek was onto something. I assumed Rutanyarahansi had taken his long-waged threat to its ultimate conclusion: He had decided to export a finished product from Uganda. No its not a joke, the electricity we send to Kenya and Rwanda is not complete – it lacks load-shedding [for finished product ask Ugandans]
Anyway, I was quite proud of the man. But I was soon to discover that we had been played. You see when Sevo met with the Israelis, there was a Mossad ex-chief there who attended the meetings. I suspect this man took Sevo’s finished product which was most delicately prepared at the high altar of Ugandan agriculture; our country’s collective farm (dear old Rwakitura (which has a wiki page BTW)) and sold us out to the damn Japanese. Whilst I suspected this, I had never expected for them to hit us with such force so soon. Which leads me to conclude they outsourced to the China.So imagine my shock when I came face to face with this horror:
I mean, I know Apple decided to go into Lions, Leopards and the rest of the Feline Family, the New Vision moved from a crappy website to an even crappier website, MTN Mobile Money became like a campus chic whose phone number is never on after you buy her chips and chicken twice, Umeme… &*$#@%%^&*(&I^$^#$^**!#@#@.(That’s wing dings, so no one gets arrested). I get it we are all trying to make a buck, but really?!!
OK, wait for our retaliation.
Have a nice day!

One thought on “Move Over Apple: Sony now moves into commodities

  1. They have a wiki page? Damn! Meanwhile first unrestricted commenting for us who don't use the conventional blogging platforms

    But that Sleek, he has a lot of wisdom, who would have known!


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