Moving to a New Home.

Dear Reader,
Having had the pleasure of of writing here for the last 8 years it has come time for me to find a new home where to ply my trade. It has been a wonderful journey; one of wonder, discovery and a whole new side to things I never thought possible. I learned, I loved, met new friends, made great enemies and on the whole grew to a place where I felt my writing could contribute to something bigger than myself. 
Because of the inevitable curve that growth demands, I’m moving to a new home, slightly more spacious, and easier to locate on the interwebs. All the posts will remain the same, and the link and tags will eventually all be migrated as well but it’s neater, more minimal and it feels tighter.
I will try and not be all over the place with my writing as I look to focus a little more on advertising and technology as my core areas but of course with the occasional story on society and my thoughts on that. It is definitely a new challenge and I’m thankful to the ever-patient and graceful Collins Mugume for goading and pushing me into this step and hosting me. 
If you are looking for me you will find me at; the home of the #beastmode.


See you on the other side.
Unlike the fish in the picture above, I haven’t settled into my new home yet

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