About Me

My name is Colin Asiimwe.  This year, this blog started in January 2007 and has largely chronicled my development as a writer, advertising professional, and African man.
In reading it, be gentle, be kind and understanding. You may not find what you are looking for and if that is the case, I’m sorry I haven’t lived it yet or if I have, it wasn’t worth writing about and if I  did, I didn’t have the right words to express it right and if I did then well you might find it tucked somewhere on these here old pages.
The blog sits in four large areas; Advertising, Society, Technology, Travel and Photography.
This is because that is largely how my writing has evolved over the years. That is how my passions have evolved over the years and that is how I have evolved over the years.
I like to immerse myself in humanity and learn and experience. People, food, places, sunsets, road trips, strange beds, cold nights, warm nights, starry nights, no-star nights, sunburns, long drives, beach sand, salty water. Its all in the cards.
So … share with a friend or leave us a comment wont, you?
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